View colony

View Colony

This is the main portal for managing your colonies. All the vital information about your colony is provided at a glance, as well as plenty of links to the most important activities related to it.



Above the overview are a selection of links. These are for opening useful pages related to the colony.

  • Name/rename this colony - Allows you to name the colony.
  • Planet - Shows the planet that your colony is situated on.
  • System - Shows the system your colony is situated in.
  • Overview - The current view, this will just force a reload of the current page.
  • Construction - Takes you to the Colony Construction page, where you can build vaious structures.
  • Shipyard - Takes you to your shipyard, where all vessels and defenses are built.
  • Scientists - Takes you to the list of local scientists, where you may hire and fire scientists.
  • Local Trade - Shows you the trade stations in orbit, so you may aquire or sell resources.
  • Ship Market - This is where you buy and sell ships with your neighbors on the planet.
  • Commission Fleet - This is where you fleet up the ships that are available at the colony.
  • Send Fleet - Used for sending a fleet to the colony.
  • List Other Colonies - Shows a list of the colonies on the planet.