Page science

The science page in Warring Factions.

The science page is where players launch research projects, hoping to get technology that surpasses what they already have. Players can run as many science projects they want, provided there are research facilities and scientists available.


There are three main areas on the science page: Setup, scientists and running projects.

Setting up a research projectEdit

Science projects are launched from here, by selecting the research facility, project goal and budget, and adding scientists from the scientists list below.

  • Location - The specific research facility you want to run the project on is selected in the drop-down list.
  • Project goal - The print that this project will produce. There is a small chance of producing a hybrid print, which takes on some additional characteristics from another (or several other) types of prints.
  • Budget - The money you want to spend on the project. The more money spent, the higher the probability of level-ups on your best scientists and better quality prints, but that will also increase the time needed to research it.
  • Assigned - The scientists assigned to the project. These can be removed by selecting the scientist and pressing the Remove selected button.


This is a list of your available scientists. It can be sorted by name, wages, skills or notes. It displays all the scientists with the aforementioned information, and there is a button to the left of each scientist that will assign him/her to the research project you are currently setting up.

Running projectsEdit

This section shows you all your currently running projects, and how long the have been running. Premium players also get some projections on when their science projects might finish. The page displays a box for every project, with two boxes inside.

The first box shows info about the project:

  • Type - What kind of print is being researched.
  • Location - Where is the research facility located.
  • Lab used in this project - A link to the blueprint used to construct the research facility.
  • Time started - When the project was started.
  • Current time spent on the project - Time spent on this 
  • Estimated run time (premium feature) - This merely states the midway point of the research.
  • Maturity (premium feature) - The longest possible time the project will run.
  • Cancel the project - This button will cancel the project, freeing all the scientists. It does not refund any of the budget.

The second box lists you scientists assigned to the project. These are all links to popup windows with the stats of the scientist in question, if the player wants to review assigned researchers.